XYL-landia is located somewhere on the border between reality and the dream world. A special world where imagination can take real shape. That's how it happened now... The homeland of special and incredible creatures. Our story also begins here in XYL-landia, where the cats of XYL-landia live. Pug, Lucifer, Argos, Akyra, and Amadeus live here in a friendly and peaceful community until one day a Technocrat race arrives to take over the planet. The cats discover that the Technocrats are able to pass through dimensional gates and travel through time and space, and thus rule the entire galaxy. A fantasy adventure of XYL-landian cats and humans! Be a part of this exciting story where spells and battles await you. Meet the special cats who help defeat the evil rampant in the galaxy. Not only is the action the book's strength, but love also plays an important role as humans and cats come together and they fight the war against the Technocrats and eventually defeat their enemies. Experience how they protect the earth and live a happy life in the new XYL-landia created on earth. Don't miss this adventure and this fascinating fantasy journey that is different from the norm and will dazzle your imagination!

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