The Frank Herbert Classics Boxed Set

The world knows Frank Herbert, and for good reason. As the creator of Dune,one of the greatest science fiction novels of all time, his name is synonymous with world-building and epic science fiction. Yet he wrote in many genres for many years. This boxed set brings together ten volumes of both classic works and previously unpublished published stories and novels. Journey far afield with tales of artificial intelligence in hybernation starships, global libraries, new planets, and alien observers, or stay closer to Earth with stories of deadly manhunts, class war and revolution, kidnapping, and the dangers lurking in a quiet Mexican town. Each work bears the mark of this master craftsman. Contained within are the volumes A Game of Authors, Angels' Fall, Destination: Void, Direct Descent, The Godmakers, The Heaven Makers, High-Opp, Soul Catcher, A Thorn in the Bush, and Frank Herbert: Unpublished Stories.

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