American Hungarian Trilogy

Hargitai Péter

In Book One of Peter Hargitai’s American Hungarian Trilogy, a fourteen-year-old girl called Cheetah fights on the streets of Budapest during the 1956 Hungarian uprising in which her mother is killed and where she kills in turn, loses her father, her dear friends, and is forced to escape the country; in short, history stampedes through her young life forever altering its course. 
Book Two’s (Attila & Lyudmila) main character is a young Hungarian refugee in America, who is not an orphan (in the strict sense), still he is closely related to Cheetah, since he, too, lived through the revolution as a child, and he is faced with trying to adapt to his new life. His task is not easy: the ‘60s put him to the test in every sense of that volatile period, especially when he falls in love with an American girl to the intense displeasure of both their families. The ensuing conflict forces the young man to take stock of himself as he struggles with the seemingly unanswerable questions of his hyphenated identity. 

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